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On the Power of Thought

Most of us who are on a healing journey requiring a regimen of proper eating, supplements, exercise, and perhaps even medications may or may not realize the power that thought has in the process of true well-being.

Japanese Poison-Ivy Test Shows How Belief Changes Physiology

Picture of Poison Ivy

To make this point very clear, consider this: A study was once performed on Japanese children when the study of psychoneuroimmunology was in its infancy, and should serve to challenge all of our beliefs as to the full and true power that thought has on the human body.

These children took part in an experiment where a leaf of a poison ivy-like plant was rubbed onto one forearm. A nonpoisonous leaf resembling the toxic plant was rubbed on the other forearm for the purpose of control. What would you expect to happen? As you might expect, almost all of the children had no response to the non-toxic leaf, while most did break out in a rash on the arm rubbed with the toxic leaf.

Here's the problem: The leaves were purposely mislabeled. If you're allergic to such plants, how would you react emotionally to someone purposely rubbing a toxic leaf on you? Most of us (myself included) would react internally with gobs of fear and apprehension. Not to mention, we've already concluded in our minds the unchangeable nature of allergy, right? I'm allergic, there's no changing that, so I'm going to get a horrible rash. In this study, in the majority of cases, no rash resulted from contact with the toxic leaf that was thought to be the harmless control.

The conclusion is simple: positive perceptions enhance health, and negative perceptions precipitate disease.

Changing Entrenched Beliefs

Spend some time each day thinking deeply on perceptions that you have of the world that cause you to sabotage yourself, and write positive counterarguments to those.

Additionally, if you have negative perceptions that you know about, but have difficulty changing, consider using something like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, to release those perceptions and beliefs. I have found that even beginners at this technique can evoke powerful changes in themselves and their loved ones, because it helps people change beliefs at core levels. If you need help, drop me a line at [scott] [@] [] or call [214] [-] [395] [-] [8180].

(Based on the post The Nature of Disease, Bruce H. Lipton)


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