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Scott Maness Certified Health Specialist

Scott Maness, Certified Health Specialist
Nutritional Evaluation Service

Nutrition deficiency and chronic degenerative changes have become common in this modern world. Due to increased stress, a diet that no longer resembles what our genetic coding was designed to utilize, and toxic exposure that exceeds normal abilities nutritional therapy has developed as a way to support the human in today�s landscape.

I am pleased to offer comprehensive nutritional evaluation and corrective recommendations, including supplements and gradual diet modification, to assist in adapting to this world. I find immediate increase in vitality and joy as the primary motive for undertaking this therapy. It is also noted that almost all of our physical conditions respond and may even resolve with specific nutritional support.

I encourage people to include nutritional evaluation as part of their whole person care by setting an appointment for a nutritional evaluation with me. You don�t even need to leave your home! The cost of the evaluation is free. I will suggest changes as needed in diet and exercise, and will most likely suggest a number of nutrient supplements. There is no obligation to purchase anything.

It is good to feel well!

For more information contact me 214 [-] 395 [-] 8180.


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