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Eating Out: Weight Loss Trouble or a Healthy Option?

Weight Loss Tips for Eating Out

One of the most treacherous places for the healthy consumer is eating out, but this need not be. Here are some helpful tips to make your next trip out to eat a delight!

  • Ask for nutrition information (for example, calories, saturated fat, and sodium) before you order when eating out.
  • Choose foods that are steamed, broiled, baked, roasted, poached, or stir-fried, but not deep-fat fried.
  • Share food, such as a main dish or dessert, with your dining partner.
  • Take part of the food home with you and refrigerate immediately. You may want to ask for a take-home container when the meal arrives. Spoon half the meal into it, so you're more likely to eat only what's left on your plate.
  • Request your meal to be served without gravy, sauces, butter or margarine.
  • Ask for salad dressing on the side, and use only small amounts of full-fat dressings.
  • Have in mind generally what you will order before you go.
  • Be careful not to order sugary drinks, alcohol, and diet drinks all of which can make you gain weight.
  • Select restaurants that you know have things on the menu that you know you can order like salads.
  • When traveling don't use the trip as an excuse to overeat. Be Strong!

Adapted from: Losing Weight: Start By Counting Calories


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