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Product Review > Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution

The Ultimate Weight Solution - The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

The first thing to do in any life-changing event or journey, you sit down and think about how you�ll get there, how much it�ll cost, how much time it will take. You calculate. You think. This book taught me that the first step towards actually being successful at weight loss is adjusting my thinking to having no doubt in my mind that I was capable of this, and that I wasn�t going to allow myself to fail. I had to make sure that my determination to carry out these changes was not short-term. This was a new way of living my life. Dr. Phil promotes a �no fail environment�. That meant removing all the unhealthy foods from my house and replacing them with healthier choices. He addresses the emotional reasons behind why many people are overweight and helps you understand that these emotional barriers are not to be left as open wounds with no healing. The diet provided in the back of book is well balanced and was created by well-respected dieticians.

This book was released right after I started my program toward a better life. It offered much needed and appreciated support and encouragement. I hope it will do the same for you.


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