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What Supplements Should I Consider for Basic Health?

The nutrients:

  • Catalyn - multivitamin / multimineral (3/day)
  • Organically Bound Minerals - (3-6/day)
  • Symplex F (female) or Symplex M (male) - 6/day for 3-4 months, then down to 3/day. Provides broad spectrum endocrine support, including ovaries/testes, thyroid, pancreas, and adrenals.
  • Black Currant Seed Oil - 2/day for 3 months, then stop.
  • Cataplex B (if BP less than 110/70) - (3-6/day)
  • Cataplex G (if BP over 110/70) - (3-6/day)

Congaplex - 40 Capsules - Standard Process

A powerful immune support product that helps support healthly function of the upper respiritory tract. Read more...


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