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Becoming a Nutritional Client (optional)

Nutritional clients of gain free assistance with using the supplements that we carry in order to support health goals and conditions that they are facing. Being a client is not a requirement for registration, but it will open certain benefits when accessing the site. Many of the products that we carry can only be purchased by nutritional clients. Additionally, there are cost benefits to nutritional clients.

I would also like to become a nutritional client of

Preferred contact method:


Primary Health Goals: (optional)


Primary Health Complaints: (optional)


(While optional, knowing your health goals and/or complaints will give me a better feel for what products may help you to achieve those goals and support body processes in certain conditions. It will also help me warn you if you select to purchase items contraindicated for a specific condition you may have.)

Please make suggestions based on my goals and/or complaints. I understand there are no obligations to purchase suggested products or supplements.

Symptom Survey Request: (optional)

A symptom survey is a thorough (200+ question) survey that can help to fine tune a regimen of whole food nutrition and herbal remedies in order to optimize results. It is not required in order to become a nutritional client. The symptom survey is free, and there is no obligation to try suggested products or protocols. If selected, the survey will be emailed to you, generally the same day as we recieve your request. You can fill it out and fax to 972.354.7873 or scan/email to [scott] [@] []

Please email a symptom survey to me

Nutritional Client Status:

All requests for nutritional clients will be reviewed, and you will be notified via your preferred notification method. Generally we try for same day service, but this is not always possible. If you have requested product suggestions, these will be given at that time. You are under no obligation to purchase. Once you have become a nutritional client of, you may make orders of all products on our site. You will be required to log in to the system in order to add products to your cart that are considered ´┐Żhealth care practitioner´┐Ż status, such as Standard Process and Medi Herb.

Nutritional Client Benefits:

1. Price savings: Members enjoy price savings on most products that we work with. Shipping costs: For orders between $0.01-$49.99 actual shipping costs, between $50-$99.99 $4.95 flat rate shipping, $100 and over free shipping, $200 and over free shipping plus additional 5% off entire order.

2. Member Hotline: If you would like have a customized nutritional protocol for a specific condition you need help with, you can call me at [214] [-] [395] [-] [8180] or email [scott] [@] [] for help and suggestions, at no cost.


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