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Using whole food nutrition with sleep issues

The nutrients:

Cataplex G - The half of the B-Vitamin family that promotes relaxation in the body.

Min-Tran - short for "mineral tranquilizer". It is a combination product that includes minerals from organic sources (seaweed, kelp, etc.) as well as calcium lactate, which in combination many find to be deeply relaxing. One thing to note is that it is typically not for long-term use (long-term meaning longer than 2-3 months or so).

Min-Chex - a different form of mineral supplement that is more powerful for promoting relaxation, and can be used indefinitely, as it is completely whole food in nature.

What to try:

Here are some things that you can try, to see what will improve your quality and length of sleep (start at the lowest dosage, and work up if need be, until you start seeing results. I have put them in order of the way that I would try them. If 1. doesn't work well, move to 2, etc.):

  • 3-12 Cataplex G at night, at bedtime.
  • 3-6 Min-Chex at night, at bedtime.
  • 3-6 Cataplex G along with 3-6 Min-Chex, at bedtime.
  • 3-12 Min-Tran at night, at bedtime.
  • 3-9 Cataplex G along with 3-6 Min-Tran, at bedtime.

Cataplex G - 90 Tablets - Standard Process

A powerful B-Complex product that supports a calming effect on the nerves and cardiovascular system. Read more...


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