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�Many of us spend half our time wishing for things we could have if we didn't spend half our time wishing.� - Alexander Woollcott

Before beginning on my personal weight loss journey Weight loss success!
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My Personal Weight Loss Success Story: The Beginning

My story doesn't start out very different from many others. I had enjoyed my teenage years and early twenties in health that was well above average. Also like many others, as I approached my thirties my health and correspondingly, my weight, began to suffer.

In 1995, I started dating my husband. There were so many angles of my life converging and creating stress at that time that I began to eat for emotional and even physical support. Planning a wedding and the complications of my work environment took their toll. In the midst of my engagement, the company I was working for laid off many of their employees, including me, and I was left searching for another job. A co-worker of mine always had chocolate, free for the taking, on her desk. It was a good thing it was free or else I would have racked up quite a bill. Sugar became my compensation for energy that I couldn't muster up myself. Shortly before my wedding, I remember fretting over whether or not I'd be able to fit into my wedding dress. Thank goodness it fit!

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Being down to my target weight for my wedding

At the time of my wedding, in 1997, I was a size 10 and at a healthy weight of 150 pounds. My continued bad habits were not left unnoticed. In 2002, at my peak weight and unhealthiness, I found myself at 250 pounds wearing a size 22.

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Drowning out any sign that my life and health were spinning out of control, I had truly lost myself. My body had become a reflection of the chaos I felt raging inside of me. Looking back, its unbelievable that I didn't come to the realization earlier that I needed to make major changes in the way I lived my life.

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