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Does Your Weight Have You Low on Energy?

What Factors Contribute Towards Your Success or Failure with Natural Weight Loss?

What We Know:

What We Don�t Know:

Fat stores are regulated over long periods of time by complex systems that involve input and feedback from fatty tissues, the brain and endocrine glands like the pancreas and the thyroid.� Overweight and obesity can result from only a very small positive energy input imbalance over a long period of time.

What elements of energy regulation feedback systems are different in individuals?� How do these differences affect energy metabolism and regulation?

Rarely, people have mutations in single genes that result in severe obesity that starts in infancy.� Studying these individuals is providing insight into the complex biological pathways that regulate the balance between energy input and energy expenditure.

Do additional obesity syndromes exist that are caused by mutations in single genes?� If so, what are they?� What are the natural history, management strategy and outcome for affected individuals?

Obese individuals have genetic similarities that may shed light on the biological differences that predispose to gain weight.� This knowledge may be useful in preventing or treating obesity in predisposed people.

How do genetic variations that are shared by obese people affect gene expression and function?� How do genetic variation and environmental factors interact to produce obesity?� What are the biological features associated with the tendency to gain weight?� What environmental factors are helpful in countering these tendencies?�

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Adapted from: Obesity and Genetics:� What We Know, What We Don�t Know and What It Means


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