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The Energy of Money - Maria Nemeth, Ph. D.

This book tackles a subject that many people feel is taboo: money. It was hard for me personally to save what I earned and it seemed that my finances were as out of control as my weight. I would spend money and a week later, with empty pockets, be dumbfounded as to where it all went. This book helped me to face real issues and thoughts about money. Once I defined what the problem was and realized that money is an energy that can be harnessed and used to my benefit, my financial situation improved. Many people feel that money is somewhat of a surface issue, but this book by Maria Nemeth, Ph. D. shows that it runs much deeper than that. It highlights �Authentic Action�. This is taking steps and using your money in a way that will make those steps more potent, more goal-oriented, so you can see actual results as to where your money is going and what good it can and will do if you use it correctly. I feel it�s vital to note that this book is not the run-of-the-mill financial get-rich-quick solution. It doesn�t promote greed. I found that extremely refreshing because I�ve always wanted my life to be free of the obsession with a mere tool. I wanted to focus on the real joys in life, many of which money can�t even buy.

I found that it was essential for my own personal happiness to channel my energy and my money into activities and projects that reflect who I really am. The book is filled with exercises that will help you learn more about yourself and how you deal with situations that go beyond just dealings with money. Refreshing and inspiring, I hope you find this book as helpful as I did. You�ll find that if you apply the 12 principles Dr. Nemeth sets forth as regards money, the self-discipline and self-understanding you�ll gain will carry over into many other important areas of your life.


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