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Is When I Eat Important?

How Pacing Meals Can Help You Lose Excess Weight

What you eat is directly related to your health and how you feel. What most people are not aware of is that almost as important as what you eat is when. This is especially true for those who are trying to lose weight. You�ve probably read countless articles about nutrition that talked about how much carbs, protein, and fat you need, but I bet none of those articles told you when you needed to eat them. The reason when you eat is important is that your body does not operate with the same information that your conscious mind does.

For example, let�s say that you almost always miss breakfast, and end up only eating twice a day. Since you only get two meals a day, those meals are probably going to be larger because you�re hungrier from waiting. You know that there is no famine going on and when you go to lunch you�ll have a burrito the size of your head. Your body though, is not privy to this information. All it knows is that food doesn�t come around that often, so when it does, in an effort to protect itself, it saves back as much as it can. On a biological level this comes in the form of exaggerated dips and spikes in your blood glucose levels and corresponding insulin releases. In other words, you pack on the pounds. To understand why stopping this behavior is a good idea; think about a wild animal that is very trim. Let�s take a gazelle. Gazelles are very lean animals. Ever seen a fat gazelle? Probably not. Is there anything to learn from how they eat? Yes, there is. Gazelles graze all day long. Eating all day long sounds like it would make them as big as a hippo, but it doesn�t. Since they have a small steady source of food there is no reason for there bodies to store up a lot of energy in fat tissue.

The same is true for you, believe it or not. Instead of eating two or three larger meals a day; try to eat six small meals a day. This works out to eating every two to three hours. By doing this (or at least closer to this) you will stabilize your blood glucose levels and your body will not have to store up fat for later.


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