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Exercise and Physical Fitness Enter my Life

A few months of healthy diet and exercise...

Going to the gym was another story. At first it was definitely one of the most humbling and embarrassing situations I've ever found myself in. Going up just one flight of stairs left me out of breath and sparked the concern of my fellow gym goers. At first I could only safely go 2 miles per hour on the treadmill because of my heart rate. Being surrounded by fit people who were actually running on these treadmills while I looked like I was taking a casual sight-seeing stroll through the park wasn't a particularly great ego booster. I was also unable to lift any weights because I knew my body wasn't physically ready to take on that amount of exertion. Even though it was tough and seemingly impossible to some, I knew that I was going to turn this around. When I truly allowed myself to realize the state of my health, I was willing to do anything to change it for the better. This meant much more than "sticking to a diet"; this meant a whole new way of living. I gladly embraced this new way of life even though it meant giving up things that I once thought were impossible to leave behind.

For the first time in my life, I didn't even let myself think about quitting. A determination like no other came over me. This time I was not just going to lose weight, I was going to become a whole new person. This issue not only involved losing the weight I had gained. It also meant changing what was within me that had gotten me to that point in the first place.

After those initial 6 weeks, I began to see a difference. I could run faster and with more endurance than before. Within three months I had lost 38 pounds. There was still a long road ahead, but I had jumped the first hurdle. That felt wonderful.

Never forget to reward yourself. Find out the best ways!

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