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Actions That Led to a Healthy Weight and Lifestyle

Instead of going to the hospital, I decided I wanted to visit a naturopathic doctor. It was there that I received the concrete evidence that proved what I had blinded myself to all along. I was indeed, extremely unhealthy. My doctor ordered a Female Comprehensive panel from a medical lab named Sabre Sciences. This test confirmed that my adrenal glands were causing my heart rate to soar and a major contributing factor for this malfunction of my adrenal glands was my weight. At the time of the testing, my adrenal glands were actually close to completely shutting down. A virus was wreaking havoc on my kidneys and my liver was dangerously fatty. I knew what I needed to do and I finally started to seriously do it.

It was understandable that because of all the unhealthiness I had weighed my body down with, I now had to go through somewhat of a "damage control" phase on my road to health. Many years of mistakes needed to be corrected. This took particularly intense effort at the very beginning. I found that its most commonly at this stage that many stop struggling, stop fighting their battles. Its also at this stage that it seems that none of your efforts are producing any results. What I had to understand was that my body had been in a certain "mode" for a long, long time. It would take more than just a week for it to shift gears. Once a person starts to exert the effort to correct the health mistakes of their past, their body immediately begins to prepare for the road ahead. Its bracing itself to become healthy again. Everyone should be assured that once they make it past that initial hurdle, real and beautiful results start to become evident, and along with that, motivation to keep on going and eventually reach the most amazing of goals.

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