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The Horse Screams, "Diet Plan! Exercise! Hurry!"

Getting to see your derriere compared to that of a horse gives reality a chance to give you a swift kick in the pants. In 2002, my husband, my best friend, her husband, and I went on a trip to Estes Park in Colorado.From then on, the horse was a strong advocate of quick weight loss. The mainstay of this trip was spent in physical outdoor activities. In the shape I was in, these activities were not only void of fun for me, if I ever wanted to die an embarrassing, miserable death, physical outdoor activities would be the way to go.

This already unpleasant situation was emphasized by the fact that my companions on this trip were all in excellent shape. The long journey of sixteen hours itself to get to the park painfully froze my neck the next morning. There came a point when we were hiking that I just had to tell them to go on without me. While out of breath, my muscles were screaming out in pain, and I just couldn't get my body to keep on going. This was the height of embarrassment. I felt like the fat kid in P.E. whose mind tells him to keep going but his body can do nothing but collapse. While my companions were like agile gazelles, my condition could have been accurately likened to a hiking walrus.

Later on in the trip, we all decided to go horseback riding on the mountain range. This explains the picture of me and my posterior twin you saw at the outset of the page. One of the basic rules of horseback riding is to allow your body to be loose enough to move along with the horse. It turned out my body was incapable of that kind of fluidity. After a very long, stiff, and uncomfortable ride in the mountains, it was finally time to dismount, and return to the alluring comfort of a wonderful thing we all call "bed". Unfortunately, my body was also incapable of dismounting a horse. Obviously, that posed quite a problem. My knees were locked, and it took three people and a stool to help me off the poor beast. All in all, this was a very scary ordeal. Atop that horse, not only was I mistakenly convinced that I had seriously injured myself, but the nauseated sickness that only extreme humiliation can incur was permeating every ounce of my pride.

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At this point in my life, it was as if someone set up a neon sign with a big arrow pointing right at me that said "Unhealthy and Unhappy". After I got back from the trip, for a period of no more than two weeks I made a few lame attempts to turn things around. After that short-lived effort, I still found myself at my favorite hamburger joint, unwrapping my 1/2 lb. burger with extra cheese, staring off into the distance and occasionally feeling a twinge of conscience about what I was truly doing to myself. Somehow I still had the ability to turn a blind eye to the obvious fact that my health was out of control and I was literally killing myself with the food I was eating.

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