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Heart Problems Lead to Beginning my Weight Loss Program

Due to my health problems, I decided I would wear a heart monitor obtain a numeric figure that displayed how far-gone I was. I'm thankful for this, because that heart monitor helped me to see more clearly the strain that my unhealthy habits were putting on my body. One day, after a thirty minute nap in my living room, my heart rate was at 103. Its good to note that normal and healthy heart rates can range anywhere from 60 to 100 beats per minute. At rest, mine was already slightly above the healthy range. I stood up and walked to my kitchen. 10 feet of walking shot my heart rate up to a very disturbing 125 beats per minute. Years of unhealthy living finally had taken its toll. My heart would race at night. I could no longer get a good night's sleep. Simply walking around my house had proven to be a physical challenge. Something was different inside of me. My health was slipping through my fingers, and fast.

All of this was truly concerning for my husband. He asked what he could do for me. In our discussion he truly reached my heart. He cried, and said, "Don't you leave me. I couldn't make it with out you!" Right then I saw what could happen if I didn't change my entire way of living. I saw that I might have to leave the life I love so much. So then all the sugary fatty foods did not have the same luster they once did. The desire to live to a ripe old age with the love of my life now burned within me. Nothing would get in my way. On that day I decided to live!

I would finally make it from here... to here...
Before Natural Weight Loss After Natural Weight Loss

A heart monitor is a useful tool to help you burn fat. But just how useful is it? Maybe more than you know.

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